Multiplayer thinking
for working groups

a working group

Ourlog is an enjoyable to use toolkit for groups to process and publish their collective intelligence.

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As we move from the industrial age into the network age our information landscape has never been so loud. To make sense of the maelstrom and orient to what matters we must harness the innate collective intelligence of small groups.

We are running headlong into the emerging complexities of a globalized, networked world and our processes and tools are showing their age. A new model of collective thinking is possible, fueled by novel group practice, natively networked blockchains, and the aide of machine intelligences.

When we think clearly together, we align with what matters.

a group of explorers thinking

We are Relational.

Ourlog is a member of the Relational network, an open media and communications collective. Relational is emerging a decentralized communications layer of the Ethereum ecosystem through member projects. We’re committed to building public, networked goods through open-source software.

Built on the rlog protocol. Your group’s data is your group’s business. We provide the tooling to work with and reflect on the fruits of your communication. Those fruits are encrypted and stored in the distributed computing environment of the Ethereum ecosystem. Available for manipulation by any tool which participates in the rlog protocol.